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1586  Connally Dr.

East Point, Ga. 30344 

 Hours of operations

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By Calling 404-694-7957

We are a private shop!

There are no set hours! 

Generally M-F  9 to 5 PM

Restorations & Reconditioning

Our Company Mission
 We are committed to providing a high-quality restoration or reconditioned vehicle and returning them to our customers,  We save as many Off-Road Classic vehicles as we can, by getting them in shape for their next off road adventure. Our intent is to do this by providing our customers with good old fashioned hard work at a fair price followed by quality customer service. 

  The Off-Road Atlanta Classics "ORAC" team can handle any Automotive Restoration project you can dream of creating. We specialize in helping locate a qualified restoration candidate for you and then rebuilding it to be what you have always wanted in your dream vehicle.  We create a start to finish folder and send you photographs of the build as it develops to watch your project unfold. This is done for several reasons. The two most important reasons are to document the work done as well as creating a photographed history of the vehicle's journey. 

The best way to begin the process is to make an appointment to visit our shop and staff. One of the biggest secrets for a successful project is the relationship between the team and owner of the project. A good relationship will help you get through the most difficult of the decisions that will arise during the project.  


If for some reason a face to face meeting can not occur, then email us a detailed outline of what you are looking to do on your vehicle or the vehicle you would like us to find for you. From there we can discussion and help you move forward by creating a budget, expectations, and deliverydate. Please email all inquiries to 

1586 Connally Dr, Atlanta, GA 30344,